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The City of Edinburgh Council and Insurgent Studios are delighted to announce the launch of two exciting new visitor experiences at the Museum of Edinburgh on the historic Royal Mile.  Visitors to the Museum have a unique opportunity to bring objects and their stories alive, interacting with the past in new ways.

The installations faithfully recreate historical objects and locations in order to provide an original addition to the city’s museum collection.  Visitors of all ages interact through gesture and touch control and can choose from a variety of languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) to learn more about the collection.

The Field Marshall Earl Haig Collection

Touch screen technology allows visitors to the Field Marshal Earl Haig galleries to use the glass of an object cabinet to find out more about the items inside. Detailed digital models of the objects on display can be manipulated by the visitor.  

The Installation also allows the visitor to view elements of the collection not currently on display. Interacting with the objects reveals key moments in the life and career of Earl Haig, an important and controversial World War I general.

Window on the Past

Displayed on a large screen set in the courtyard gallery, visitors can use simple hand movements to control an experience which plunges them into the past of this iconic museum building.

You might catch a glimpse of 17th century upper class people chatting in their beautiful courtyard garden, before exploring the building’s bumpy ride through the industrialisation of the 19th century.

By using gesture control, cameras and detailed virtual models of key objects, the Installation allows visitors to transport themselves back in time to historical recreations of the Courtyard in times gone by.

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