What We Do

Insurgent Studios’ InScreenIt technology improves your customer experience and increases engagement through bespoke installations and interactions.

InScreenIt enhances existing windows, screens and displays with a variety of interactive multimedia content, accessible via touch or motion control interfaces. Our solutions provide cutting edge digital experiences with minimal disruption and maximum impact. We also offer innovative, bespoke solutions, tailored exactly to your needs.

Man wearing a VR headset manipluating a virtual camera.


Our team has decades of experience providing high-end interactive content, helping to enhance brand identities and customer engagement.  We provide stunning visualisations, digital games and toys using a variety of powerful technologies across a range of devices and platforms.


We have worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors, whether creating content for major entertainment publishers, building virtual worlds for global brands or sympathetically integrating cutting edge interactive technology in historical locations.  InScreenIt can be designed to work independently or can be adjusted to complement your existing solutions.  InScreenIt can also be tailored to work with new or existing mobile applications.

Holographic icons being pinched by a hand.
Mobile phone being "unzipped" like a wallet to show paper money.


We work with clients to integrate solutions that include the ability to browse, select, purchase and charge items using both traditional methods and wireless technologies. InScreenIt can allow customers to purchase items easily and with confidence.


InScreenIt features familiar, intuitive interactions, applying innovative touch and gesture control systems to ensure that the best user experience is delivered to promote your content with impressive results.  From initial concept to design, production, through to release, ongoing analysis and product support, Insurgent Studios provide guidance, vision and focus throughout the project.

Children excitedly using a museum installation.
Person looking at analytics graphs on an iPad.


with interactive installations. Our platform can monitor user interactions constantly, to help streamline your content to best meet their needs. We can support, inform and guide throughout the product lifetime.


Insurgent Studios are experts in the design and implementation of engaging gameplay experiences, providing fun challenges for your audience. InScreenIt gives users a real sense of progression, rewarding them with achievements and rewards for interactions whilst learning about your product.

Feet of a child playing hopscotch.